There is a wide variety of ingredients and cooking method in Japan.

Eat raw fish as sashimi or sushi.

Own noodle dishes udon and soba,

We eat many kind of seaweed , such as kelp and hijiki.

Fried foods as tempura and tonkatsu(pork cutlets)

Japanese vegetarian cuisine called “Shojinryori”
These excellent food culture has been recognized worldwide.

Traditional Japanese cuisine "Washoku" registered as a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage .

As the popularity of Japanese food is growing , Japanese food has become easier to get by in many parts of the world .

In this site , I introduce how to make a quick and delicious Japanese food with a go easy to get ingredients .

I will send it if you can`t get the ingredients what I introduced.

I will increase recipes little by little, Please look forward.
Please contact me if you have a recipes of Japanese cuisine
that you want to know.

I will introduce that with priority.


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